The ultimate solution to replacing and

extending lost spray can tubes

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What is it?

SpraySnake is a 2 meter length of the spray can straws that are commonly found on many different spray lubricants and solvents.

SpraySnake is not limited to just these products, however, as it is supplied with an easy-swap nozzle; meaning SpraySnake can be
fitted to almost any spray can.

It is perfect as a WD40 spare spray can tube. We developed this in answer to the frustration we found in trying to find a replacement for those little red straws found on so many spray cans!

How to use SpraySnake

1. Cut the tube to the required length using a sharp knife. For best results, cut it cleanly on a chopping board or other hard surface. The result should be a clean straight cut.

2. If your spray can has a spray nozzle that accepts an extension tube, simply insert the tube and start spraying.

3. If your spray can does not have a spray nozzle that accepts a extension tube, swap the nozzle with the one supplied (it fits onto most spray cans), insert the tube and start spraying.

Contact Details

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SpraySnake® is a registered trademark of WiESD Pty Ltd. We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Technical Details

Material: Polypropylene

Length: 2 meters

Diameter (outer): 2.2 mm

Diameter (inner): 1.1 mm

Pressure drop

Any length of tube or hose will inherently have a pressure drop when fluid flows through it. SpraySnake is not immune to this law of physics, and of course the longer the length, the greater the pressure drop. We have tested a variety of spray can products and generally find the pressure drop to be very low to negligible.


Whilst SpraySnake is compatible with most spray cans, there are some, like many spray paints, that use a different spraying mechanism and simply will not accept this product.

This product should not be given to small children.

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